We are entrepreneurs who work together with you to grow your business.

We are action-oriented achievers inspired by innovation and sustainable development. Commercialization is our way to contribute towards a better world by generating positive benefits for the environment, the society and the economy.

We are an experienced and inspired team motivated by the success of our customers. Deploying innovative means to penetrate markets? We have done it. Contributing to generate a significant turnover increase and consolidate a company’s worth? We have done it. Day after day, we are doing it.

We are team players, folks who believe in complementary expertise and the power of true collaboration.

Diane Leboeuf
Diane LeboeufFounding President and Partner

Diane Leboeuf is a career entrepreneur with over 25 years experience in business development and marketing communications. She also fosters a passion for sustainable development. Through her companies Sono Design and Soaz, she has worked with almost a hundred B2B SMEs in various areas ranging from information technology to green technologies and the manufacturing sector. Diane’s interventions yield higher growth and recognition for the companies with which she works.

Her pathway is at the crossroads of management, technology and innovation. She is fluent with strategic thinking that encompasses a comprehensive vision of the company and its market. Beyond her large business network, Diane is actively involved with many organizations including Ecotech Quebec, Centech (ETS technology incubator), and the Montreal Foundation Inc. She recently contributed to launch the Quebec chapter of Women in Renewable Energy.

Diane Leboeuf defines overall development strategies. Together with her teams, she drives new growth to market strategies. She drafts sound business proposals as well as establishes and maintains close relationships with both customers and partners. Diane is actively involved in value-added activities such as exhibitions, conferences and professional associations. At Soaz, she is the key resource for business development initiatives and the creation of strategic and financial partnerships.

Charles Morin
Charles MorinCEO and Partner

Charles Morin has over 20 years of international experience in product management as well as in the commercialization and marketing of high technology in the U.S., Europe and Canada. He has collaborated with many organizations including British Telecom, the Canadian Space Agency and Universal Studios Digital Services. He also worked as an entrepreneur in cleantech and renewable energy, namely in advanced technology systems that pertain to energy management..

Adopting a systems thinking view, Charles has the ability to articulate complex technological ecosystems in order to identify key issues and articulate systems dynamics. Driven by a strong team spirit, he helps define marketing and go-to market strategies, putting forth an understanding of the challenges faced by customers. This allows him to optimize the adequacy of Soaz’s customers’ commercial offering as to best meet market expectations competitively.

Charles is involved on the ground with strategic business development activities and sales. First, he successfully identifies emerging opportunities in target markets. He then presents technological and business proposals to customers and conducts follow-ups in order to strengthen customer relationship. At Soaz, Charles is the main resource for market intelligence and strategic sales. He supports with great vitality and enthusiasm all business development activities.